Affiliated Artists
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About Us

Promoting Art in the Marketplace

Our mission is to promote the art of our affiliated artists. The artists create the images; Glimmerglass Art produces cards and prints.   Together, we market the products, increasing exposure for each artist’s work.

Benefits for the Artist...

The artist receives a significant share of the sale of each card or print.  The business arrangement varies – in some cases Glimmerglass Art simply produces the cards and prints; in other cases Glimmerglass Art does the printing and assumes significant marketing responsibility.

We do not license images.  In some instances, we simply print cards for sale directly to the artist. In other cases, we contract with the artist for non-exclusive rights to produce cards and/or prints with specific images.  The artist always – ALWAYS – has final approval on any card or print.

Our Company

Glimmerglass Art was founded in 2005 in Cooperstown, NY and is now based in Madison, CT. John Baumgartel is president.

John's prior business experience is in the advertising agency world where he was involved in art direction, branding, and the marketing of consumer products.


The minimum retail order is $25.


Standard products are usually shipped within two business days of receipt of a confirmed order. Small orders are usually shipped USPS Priority Mail. Large orders are usually shipped UPS ground.


If you are not completely satisfied, we will promptly correct the problem or refund your payment.